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Atlas Line

When the Atlas Line was released to the public, it was a breakthrough moment for traders worldwide. Finally, a very private and secret technique was made accessible to aspiring day traders the world over. This method is so powerful that the underlying calculation remains a secret. However, as a DayTradeToWin client, you get full access to the unique software and its predictive approach. Are you ready to access what only a handful of elite traders used at one time?

Identify long-term trends with many signals along the way.

Atlas Line by DayTradeToWin


There is no other trading system quite like the Atlas Line. 

You could spend thousands of dollars trying various indicators. You could spend thousands of hours trying to piece together a similar system. However, there is a great probability that you won’t come close to what this system can do.

At the given moment, should you be looking for long (buy) trades or short (sell) trades? That’s one of the questions the Atlas Line answers at a glance. In this way, the Atlas Line is capable of filtering and confirming any other systems you may be using.

But what about the Atlas Line’s own signals? Expect “Atlas Long” and “Atlas Short” (main signals) as well as many additional Strength (S) and Pullback (P) signals per day.

Watch this video to see how the Atlas Line produced over 10 winning signals for a given day. The Atlas Line can help you stay on the right side of the market and identify potential winners.

Yes, the Atlas Line is an excellent forecasting tool. Soon after the market opens, the Atlas Line begins plotting. You will see the blue line extend in the same direction throughout the day. When price intersects the line and closes twice above or below, you will get a long or short signal, respectively. In this way, you can prepare yourself to place a trade. When that second candle closes, you can place an order using NinjaTrader 8’s ATM Strategy feature. We recommend that you configure multiple ATM Strategies in advance. This way, you can pick the profit target and stop loss combination that reflects the current price action.

But how do you “read” the current price action to assess the volatility? What about the profit target and stop loss values? DayTradeToWin has always been focused on realistic trading. That means using risk levels that are related to current market conditions. Sometimes, the markets are simply too volatile or too slow. They’re not worth trading because the risk is to great or there’s no reason to believe there’s enough potential movement to substantiate any trading. The primary tool you’ll use with the Atlas Line is the ATR (Average True Range). The ATR is used to determine the profit target, stop loss, and gauge overall volatility.

The meaning of the Atlas Line, how it is calculated, is a closely kept secret. This is to ensure the underlying price action calculations remain working long-term. As an Atlas Line user, you are taught how to use the software in a variety of scenarios. That is the important part. The interpretation is straightforward. It’s entirely objective. A trade exists at the given moment or it does not; there is no in-between. The audio signals alert you to the entries. Your responsibility is to understand the rules and place a trade, if you so desire, based on the signals and surrounding price action.

Watch Trends Reveal Themselves

Atlas line BASICS

Who says a day trading method needs to be complex? Plenty of people have been successful in life by simply following in the steps of others.

The Atlas Line aims to simplify your trading by giving you steps, or more precisely, EXACT entry signals once price “proves” it’s ready for trading.

Successful trading is as much about avoiding potential losing trades as it is finding those winners. The filtering capabilities of the Atlas Line are unlike anything else offered by DayTradeToWin.

You can use the Atlas Line as a standalone system or pair it with one or more existing systems from DayTradeToWin. In fact, many traders like to use it with the Trade Scalper, Blueprint, or other methods from the 8-Week Mentorship Program.

A preview from the digital course…

DayTradeToWin Atlas Line Long Signal
DayTradeToWin Atlas Line Short Signal

Successful day trading does not have to be difficult.

Break Out of Old PAtterns

It doesn’t make sense to keep trading the same way and expecting different results. The markets don’t care if you win or lose. However, other traders and complex institutional algorithms are looking to take advantage of every opportunity they see and can create. You have no idea of the complexity of computations during every moment the market is open. Are you going to figure it all out yourself? Or are you going to go with what works?