You could spend your whole life working for someone else, building someone else’s castle. Or you could take a chance empowering yourself with real-world skills. Mentorship is that program, designed to take you from wherever you are and turn you into a pro day trader in just eight short weeks.

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Mentorship Weeks 1-3
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Lesson 1 – Getting to Know Your Member Account

You’ll get set up with a Member account which is your home base to access all of the learning content. Learn the first steps with the charting platform and begin your journey.

Lesson 2 – The Foundational Basics of Trading

Ensure you’re using the right computer equipment then go deeper into understanding how to use your pro trading platform. Common terms, trading actions, and concepts are covered.

Lesson 3 – Chart Configuration

It’s now time to go into the specifics of placing trades using the DOM and Chart Trader, various order types, drawing tools, Market Replay, and more.

Setup & Support Review

By now, you should be able to navigate charts and place real-time simulated trades. If you need help, email the DayTradeToWin support team or request a remote support session.

Mentorship Weeks 4-6
Trading Courses and Software

Lesson 4 – ATO 2

Learn a powerful pattern that occurs soon after the market opens. Know the exact price levels and pattern to look for every morning. This is the foundational method that put DayTradeToWin on the map.

Lesson 5 – Price Action Scalping

The markets move mechanically and with human psychology in mind. This method teaches you how to find counter-trend scalping setups using tick charts. After identifying a trend, you can counter it using this specific entry technique.

Lesson 6 – Blueprint

Once a part of Power Price Action, the Blueprint is versatile in both the time frames with which it can be used as well as instruments. The Blueprint can be used for long-term scalp trading that focuses on big moves over multiple days. You’ll also find it producing many signals intraday.

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Lesson 7 – Trade Scalper

One of the most popular DayTradeToWin methods, the Trade Scalper focuses on finding many winning trades throughout the day. The signals are clear and are designed to appear with enough time to place a trade for this fast-moving approach.

Lesson 8 – Roadmap

The Roadmap is one of the master filtering and confirming techniques and is entirely exclusive to the 8-Week Mentorship Program. The Roadmap plots special Zone areas on the chart that can act as potential pivot areas. In addition, the Roadmap provides its own unique signals.

Lesson 9 – Atlas Line®

Want to see the big picture for the current day in terms of trends? Should you be trading long or short at the given moment? These are questions the Atlas Line answers. In addition, the Atlas Line plots regular long/short (buy/sell) signals as well as Pullback and Strength signals.

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Lesson 10 – X-5 (Floor Trader Secret Method)

John Paul learned this pattern from veteran floor traders who understood exact manipulation patterns. Although the days of floor trading are long gone, the pattern still exists and is one of the most valuable you’ll learn in Mentorship. Like all of the other methods, it’s based on price action.

Lesson 11 – January Effect+

The January Effect+ can tell you whether the current year is expected to be an up or a down year. Historically, this method has been highly accurate and can be used for big , multi-day swing trades throughout the year.

Lesson 12 – Trading the News

Want to see the big picture for the current day in terms of trends? Should you be trading long or short at the given moment? These are questions the Atlas Line answers. In addition, the Atlas Line plots regular long/short (buy/sell) signals as well as Pullback and Strength signals.

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Lesson 13 – Trailing Stops

Trailing stops provide a way to secure success that you’ve acquired within a trade. If you are not using them or do not use them correctly, you are at a disadvantage. Winning strategies are just as important as risk mitigation. Trailing stops are compatible with many methods.

Lesson 14 – ABC Method

Use the ABC Method and software  to divide the day into three segments and find breakout opportunities in the final two portions, B and C. Typically, this technique is used to find afternoon opportunities in popular futures.

Lesson 15 – Practice & Review

Now, it’s time to understand how everything comes together to form one complete trading plan that you can rely on every day. Like all other classes, the instructor is present to answer your questions and discuss your experience trading the methods. The goal is for you to be a pro trader who is independently successful.

After Graduation

After the eight weeks, you can email DayTradeToWin for assistance. If you need something clarified or have a support request, your query will be answered promptly. In addition, the training materials, including all of the videos from your session, will remain accessible for viewing.

Meet DayTradeToWin's Founder

John Paul

He could have had a lucrative medical career. Instead, during his college years, the world of finance and day trading called John Paul’s attention. At the time, he lived in proximity to one of New York’s largest financial exchanges. Soon, he found himself among veteran traders who showed him the ropes.

Since that time, he’s adapted, refined, and expanded upon those same techniques to be effective in the online word of electronic day trading.

Now, John Paul is ready to share this privileged information with you…

If you are serious about day trading and changing your life, this eight-week course is for you.

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Not everything in life is handed to you. If you see an opportunity, it’s up to you to seize it. You could spend a lot of time, effort, and money guessing and learning day trading via trial and error. Here’s a better idea…learn from someone with many, many years of experience. Remove the learning curve. Use proven price action techniques that have stood the test of time.